History of the British Nuclear Energy Society - What is


Although the world relies heavily on non-renewable energy resources, the technologies to create renewable energy is growing and is becoming noticed by the public.

It is important to understand the impact that out current sources or energy cause and our options for the future. Although installing a domestic power supply will not cause a huge impact on the environment, if enough people do this, change will be noticed.


What is nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is created using power reactors, there are over 400 of these in the world, 100 of which are situated in the America.

A common misconception of this type of energy is that it causes a great deal of pollution to the atmosphere, this is in fact incorrect. Power reactors cause no pollution to the atmosphere however they do create radioactive and nuclear waste which must be stored and disposed of very carefully.

Nuclear energy has many advantages and disadvantages causing it to be a very sensitive subject in terms of generating energy. One argument if that this energy resource is currently providing energy that is being consumed and therefore is compulsory. This form of energy powers over 20% of the USA alone.

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