History of the British Nuclear Energy Society - Renewable


Although the world relies heavily on non-renewable energy resources, the technologies to create renewable energy is growing and is becoming noticed by the public.

It is important to understand the impact that out current sources or energy cause and our options for the future. Although installing a domestic power supply will not cause a huge impact on the environment, if enough people do this, change will be noticed.


Renewable Energy Solutions

There are many arguments against nuclear power because of the risks and negative effects that is caused to the environment when there are other options available. There are so many renewable energy resources available with technology that is consistently developing and becoming more efficient.

There are many forms of renewable energy systems although the three main systems being developed are solar, wind and biomass. All renewable systems have their flaws but they are greatly overweighed by the positive outcomes.

A system that is rapidly growing are micro CHP systems, this is a developing technology that is available to the general public to install in their homes which generates both heat and electricity. This system is favoured by many as the small system can be installed in your home in replacement of a standard boiler which is not working to a high capacity and cannot produce electricity.

There are many other technologies available to have in your home or property if you wish to become more sustainable. Whether is a small wind turbine or solar panels fitted to the roof, any of these technologies will bring your carbon footprint down and make your property more sustainable.

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