History of the British Nuclear Energy Society - Frames


Although the world relies heavily on non-renewable energy resources, the technologies to create renewable energy is growing and is becoming noticed by the public.

It is important to understand the impact that out current sources or energy cause and our options for the future. Although installing a domestic power supply will not cause a huge impact on the environment, if enough people do this, change will be noticed.



There are many different types of nuclear energy systems although they all have the same purpose which is to produce energy. The difference in nuclear energy systems will often be their capacity and output of energy.

The basic process of a nuclear power station goes as follows:

  • Fuel is used to produce hear which is then used to boil water and produce steam
  • The steam is channelled so that it drives a turbine which drives a generator
  • from this energy is made

The problem with the method of energy generation is that the fuel required will either be a non-renewable energy source such as coal or oil, or the fuel will be nuclear uranium. Both fuel options are damaging to the environment.

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