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Although the world relies heavily on non-renewable energy resources, the technologies to create renewable energy is growing and is becoming noticed by the public.

It is important to understand the impact that out current sources or energy cause and our options for the future. Although installing a domestic power supply will not cause a huge impact on the environment, if enough people do this, change will be noticed.


Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy provides over 11% of the worlds electricity meaning that we are dependent on it and there is currently no other technology that have been developed far enough so that it could replace this.

The problem with nuclear power is that the fuel it requires is non-renewable and is therefore not sustainable as well as being damaging to the environment. In the long term this form of energy will not be an option as we will not have the fuel resources to power it. This is why the market for renewable energy sources is growing at a rapid pace.

This website will provide you with enough information so that you understand how nuclear power works and the output from this resource. Nuclear power stations have been functioning for over 60 years and are located in over 30 countries, even though this is not a renewable energy resource there are currently plans for 70 more nuclear power reactors to be built over the world.

What is nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is created using power reactors, there are over 400 of these in the world, 100 of which are situated in the America.

Nuclear systems

There are many different types of nuclear energy systems although they all have the same purpose which is to produce energy. The difference in nuclear energy systems will often be their capacity and output of energy.

Renewable energy solutions

There are many forms of renewable energy systems although the three main systems being developed are solar, wind and biomass. All renewable systems have their flaws but they are greatly overweighed by the positive outcomes.

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